ZDe-Chlorinator NEMA-100

$ 975.00

At less than 15 pounds, the ZDe-Chlorinator units are our lightest, most compact devices. These new devices are among our lowest-priced dechlorination units, making them formidable competitors in the market of small, light, simple 2½” dechlorinators for potable water flushing.

The NEMA-100 is a 12 pound aluminum unit that is capable of holding up to four Vita-D-Chlor Tablets in the tablet chamber. The NEMA-100 is well-suited for dechlorinating potable levels of chlorine off of a 2½” NST thread of a fire hydrant at flows of 200 gpm and above. To handle flows less than 200 gpm, simply relocate the screen from the input to the output side of the NEMA-100. Both ends of the unit have the same standard 2½” threading. Removal of the elbow from the discharge end allows attachment of many of your existing diffusers, pitot gauges, hoses or test equipment.

For a dechlorinator/diffuser unit in one, see the NEMA-200 or the even lighter, more compact NEMA-B.

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