ZDe-Chlorinator NEMA-100

$ 975.00

The ZDe-Chlorinator NEMA-100 is a tablet dechlorination unit that is well-suited for dechlorinating potable water during hydrant flushing. A screen on the input end can either be removed for maximum flow or positioned in the output end to handle flows under 200 gpm.

With its detachable elbow diverter, the NEMA-100 is the shape-shifter of the ZDe-Chlorinator line. Removal of the elbow allows you to adapt the NEMA-100 to your needs by connecting a diffuser, hose, pitot gauge, test equipment or other accessory. Made of aluminum, this device is light-weight and economical.

  • Measures 16” x 6” x 8” and weighs just under 12 pounds
  • Brass 2 ½“ FNST swivel for fast connection to hydrant or hose
  • 2 ½“ MNST outlet accepts a variety of attachments
  • Holds four Vita-D-Chlor Tablets

For a dechlorinator/diffuser unit in one, see the NEMA-200 or the even lighter, more compact NEMA-200B.