Vita-D-Chlor, Tablet Mat

$ 13.75

Now shipping exclusively in orange mesh.

The Vita-D-Chlor Taby Mat offers a simple solution to dechlorinate water from a water main break or other unexpected water release. It also offers a simple way to dechlorinate flush water without having to set up specialized equipment.

The Taby Mat comes in three sizes – 3, 6, and 24 pockets. Each pocket holds one Vita-D-Chlor Tablet. Mats are constructed of durable nylon mesh ‘silt-fabric’ for long life. Use a rope or cord through the grommet and tie it to a heavy object to hold the mat in place in the flow stream. A stake or long nail can also be used to hold the mat in place while allowing the water to flow over the tablets.

(Tablets not included)

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