LPD-250 Steel with VDC Screen

$ 940.00

The LPD-250 has been the most popular of all hydrant dechlorinators for years. Its fast and simple set-up saves operator time and training. Simply place four Vita-D-Chlor Tablets in the chamber and then flush the potable water for roughly 15 minutes before needing to add additional tablets. This type of equipment gets thrown around, dropped and used in the harshest of situations. The LPD-250, available in both steel and lighter-weight aluminum, are virtually indestructible and will take years of abuse. There are no mechanical parts that require adjustment over time, and no components that can easily be damaged or broken. The LPD-250 was designed to take a LPD pitot that mounts to the unit for use on every flushing. The LPD-250 is the dechlorination workhorse of hydrant flushing.

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