Romac Transmate deChlorinator

$ 2,985.00

The Romac Transmate deChlorinator is able to dechlorinate chlorine levels up to 200 ppm. The deChlorinator works with our granular forms of Vita-D-Chlor – both the original and the neutral – which provides for lower cost of operations over time. A needle valve allows you to adjust the flow of the feed solution to minimize over-dechlorination and maximize efficiency.

The deChlorinator includes the deChlorinator unit, a feed solution bucket, connections and tubing, chlorine test strips, and a sample of Vita-D-Chlor. All components conveniently pack into the feed solution pail.

  • Connects directly to hydrant or hose extension
  • Made of aluminum, with brass valves and stainless steel fasteners
  • Weighs 10 ½ pounds