$ 2,720.00

The deChlorinator doses Vita-D-Chlor more accurately than any tablet unit and saves money by using the granular Vita-D-Chlor. The combination leads to lower costs after just three 55 pound pails of Vita-D-Chlor. The deChlorinator can correctly dechlorinate chlorine levels up to and beyond 100 ppm. Easy to handle and solid by design, you can expect years of trouble-free operation. The pail can be refilled with more Vita-D-Chlor feed solution to keep the flushing going. A needle valve allows you to adjust the feed to minimize over-dechlorination and maximize efficiency. The deChlorinator comes with connections and tubing, as well as chlorine test strips and a sample of Vita-D-Chlor. The whole package conveniently packs into the pail used for your Vita-D-Chlor feed solution. The deChlorinator is clearly the greatest value in dechlorination devices.

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